Confessions of a lifestyle blogger #2

Currently sitting in the dark and listening to my thoughts. 

What’s your favorite thing about confessions? 

Favorite Readers,

I really wish you can feel the gladness of my heart which is resulting from the love and feedback I get from you. I read a friend’s writeup which was talking about friendships and how we need to appreciate everyone that has impacted our life. And so I wanted to let you all know I appreciate your every contribution to my blog and life.  

So 17days into the new year and things have been working out just fine for me. I haven’t recorded remarkable experiences yet but I haven’t regretted any experience either. Today’s blog post is going to be yet another round of confession. 

Am I ready to confess? I guess so. 
My confession goes thus, lately I’ve been

Listening to people around me double ask me if I’m fine. I mean everyone around me has been really concerned about me and it kind of feels nice that they are. Everywhere I go, its always the ‘are you alright?, are you sure?’ question I get and sometimes I’m tired of trying to convince them I’m fine but eventually its either they believe I’m fine or hope I come around later to talk. 

Craving a detox! This is really something I’m in needing, lol. I’ve been searching for links on how to make a detox so anyone with ideas or links to making a detox should kindly let me know about it. Detoxification is something we all should think about. We’ll be doing our body a favour (I mean). 

Reading my books because I don’t plan to fail, lol. January have been known for exams and as a final year student I’m doing all my best to make sure I put in my best and come off with flying colors, of course with God’s grace.  

Catching deep feelings for the color white, white backgrounds, white flatlays. My friend gave me a white slippers and I really like the whiteness of it and seeing other people wear white stuffs is just nice. 

Wishing for more happiness for my dear self. I wish the phase I’m currently going through can be over and I can finally tell everyone about it. 

Feeling cold. This harmattan is really playing with me and its not funny. The combination of the hot and cold weather harmattan gives is really the definition of mixed feelings. 

Praying for strength for my parents and for more money. 

Regretting nothing. I have ups and downs in my life but I’m pretty sure they make me who I am today. 

Learning to accept that humans would always be humans and that expectations sometimes fail so prepare yourself for the worse. 

Grateful for life and the chances God daily grants me. Its really something that gets me think everytime and I’m really grateful. 

I rolled these confessions off my chest. Thank you for always reading my posts. 

Don’t forget to always stay happy. 

Myorangemyblack 🌹 


6 thoughts on “Confessions of a lifestyle blogger #2

  1. Nice one dear. We do have ups and downs and that’s what makes us who we are-very correct. Thank you for the reminder. Keep it up.


  2. The year has barely gotten exciting for me too. I’m just longing and longing for this month to end well and that’s what I just want right now. If the people around you have been worried about how you’re faring, you’re prolly giving them reasons to. Maybe you appear dull or your countenance isn’t delightful. I hope you’re ok😒

    Idle head


  3. Hey babes! I hope you’re as fine as you say you are. It’s okay to not want to share some deep things with others but be fine anyway ☺. I pray all your heart’s desire would be granted so long as it’s in line with God’s plan for you.
    I love your attempt at flatlays, with more practice you’ll get better.
    Also, all the best in your forthcoming exams.
    WanShyGirl 💕


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